I'm a Registered Nurse and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. My mission is to encourage and promote healthy eating habits; enabling everyone to live a healthier lifestyle. My goal is to provide the tools necessary to implement better eating habits and maintain them.


Eat Clean with C. Jean, LLC was birthed out of frustration with stagnation in my fitness journey. I've been a competitive athlete all of my life, but progressively decreased activity during college. Once I graduated from undergrad, I trained with personal trainers 3-5 times per week, but I wasn't getting the results I desired. My eating habits were never terrible, but my food choices were hindering me from seeing the results I wanted; therefore, I made changes to what I consumed, which still changes depending on my desired goals.


Once I realized I had to change some aspects about my eating habits, I started doing nutrition research and took the Sports Nutrition Specialist course through ACE Fitness.  After implementing what I learned into my own life and seeing results, I decided to help others struggling as well. From my struggles and thirst for knowledge came Eat Clean with C. Jean, LLC!  


Let me help you make your body happy and healthy!